Q: Does Ace3DS PLUS support multi-media features ?
A: Yes it does. With moonshell, you can enjoy the multi-media features on your consoles, such as playing video, playing MP3 and reading e-books.




Q: Where to download Ace3DS PLUS moonshell ?
A: Pls just download the latest AOS firmware from here, the moonshell is already included inside the AOS firmware.


Q: what kind of the video/music/image/ebook formats Ace3DS PLUS can support ?
A: Currently Ace3DS PLUS can only support dpg videos, if your video is not this format, please just convert it to the dpg format. Ace3DS PLUS can support many different music formats, including MP3/OGG/NSF/GSM/MOD/SP. It can support nearly all the image formats, such as JPEG/BMP/PNG/GIF. Ebooks should be txt format.


Q: Does the Ace3DS PLUS be able to play 3ds games ?
A: No, currently, no flashcart can play 3DS roms.


Q: Does the Ace3DS PLUS able to use all of the ds roms ?
A: The game compatibility of Ace3DS PLUS is very good, as we know that Ace3DS PLUS uses wood firmware, wood firmware updates very regularly and usually can support the latest games in the first time.


Q: When are the Ace3DS PLUS coming out ?
A: It has been released, you can buy it from our official resellers.


Q: How to update Ace3DS PLUS flashcart ?
A: Currently Ace3DS PLUS can work on the 3DS V11.2.0-35 and DSi V1.45, you don't need to update it when you receive it. If there is a new 3DS or DSi system releases in future, we will release the update patch as soon as possible.


Q: what is the difference between Ace3DS PLUS and Ace3DS card ?
A: Ace3DS PLUS is the updated version of Ace3DS flashcart. They are different cards released by us.They use different kernels, chips, etc.